Saving Accounting Financial Banking Money Concept

Savings Accounts

Current Rate: .25%
Membership Fee $1.00 (one-time only)
Minimum Deposit: $25.00

Retirement IRA Speedometer

Traditional: 2.00%
Roth: 2.00%

Investment and flowchart showing business or finance concept

Certificate of Deposit

3 mos. = 0.50%
6 mos. = 0.75%
9 mos. = 1.0%
12 mos. = 1.0%

Hand holding book bank and stack of money in consept checking money in the account isolated on white background

Checking Accounts
No Fees
No Dividends
NSF Charges: $30.00
Line-of-Credit: $200.00 (If eligible, you must apply)

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Debit Cards
24-hour ATM located at the Credit Union
Debit cards can be used at any STAR, CIRRUS, ALLSTAR, & CO-OP ATM
(Positive Balance: Only your funds in your checking or savings accounts.)
Debit cards can be updated at the Credit Union